How do we measure success

Dear Kapatid,

Happy Monday!

Sitting around the dining table last week, my team and I discussed about measures of success. Most of us theorized that the best measure of Young House Heroes Initiative’s success is the number of young people engaged amidst the crisis. Unpacking the discussion, I told them that aside from the numbers, we can glean success through the individual responses of our stakeholders. “Are we giving our people value or are we treating them as mere numbers in our Excel sheets?”

A mother of an adolescent during one of the calls for our rapid assessment told us that she was very grateful because someone empathetically reached out to her daughter and did some ‘kamustahan.’ She told our young house heroes that for the first time, her family felt they are not alone in this time of uncertainty. That one feedback for me is a glimmer of hope, flickering and ready to give more light only if we continue making bold strides in this time of darkness. As of the moment, PYDN, through its telephone-based rapid assessment has gathered responses from different locations in the Visayas. After this assessment, we hope to share the data with decision-makers for more responsive adolescent and youth programming.

We are happy to report also that the first batch of our Young House Heroes will graduate this week after completing their missions. We learned a lot from this group and we want to share these with you. You can access it here.

Their early wins will be sustained by the second wave of Young House Heroes who will be onboarded this week. We are blessed to have these young leaders helping the Initiative. We are truly grateful for their passion and determination.

Finally, as you start the last week of May 2020, I want to leave you with a very important point from this experience. The new normal requires us to collectively redefine and picture out what success looks and feels like.

I want also to know how do you see success considering all of these backdrops. I would be very happy to hear from you.

For the youth,

Alfred O. Dicto
Executive Director,
Positive Youth Development Network, Inc.

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