It is not your fault

Dear Kapatid,

What is happening in our society now — the division, confusion, noise, and lack of direction — is not your fault. I think of this as a point of reawakening that somehow in the past, we lacked the courage and the passion to address the big issues that affect both our children and youth. Maybe the efforts of those who came before us fell a tad short in making sure that we build a generation equipped for the challenges of the future.

The Positive Youth Development Network (PYDN) puts a premium on the voice of young people, regardless of their background and stations in life. We see that young people’s participation and engagement are as fundamental as air and water needed for the life and survival of the future. We invest in making sure that our policies and programs embody the real aspiration and promise of the Millennials and Gen Z. Experience tells that we cannot simply overgeneralize and use old books and technicalities to strangulate innovation and inspiration. It failed in the past, and it will fail us again if we don’t listen.

Last week, we negotiated a long-term partnership with the SK Federation President of Iloilo Province to help the federation amplify its youth programs in the province. At the core of the conversation was the question about her legacy. I told her that any legacy should be predicated in an environment that inspires hope and passion; an environment that encourages both dialogue and dissent because there is no person or group of persons who have a monopoly of knowledge and wisdom.

We are excited to report that PYDN will be launching the Youth Hour in Iloilo City on Aug 12, 2020, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. You can access the event primer here. We invite you to join the celebration and please expect communication from us in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to be courageous, creative, and compassionate. We should work together to address the problems and tackle the errors our predecessors failed and refused to correct. Let’s do this!

For the youth,

Alfred O. Dicto
Executive Director,
Positive Youth Development Network, Inc.

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