The value of learning from previous generations

Dear Kapatid,

Happy Friday!

Last week, we shared with you the importance of trusting young people in nation-building. Today, I want to shine a light on the importance of learning from our predecessors, the people who came before us.

It is not a secret that the stigma surrounding young people being labeled as mere passionate individuals with no sense of purpose is still existing in many of our communities. Tokenism or appropriating young people for the sake of compliance with policies and regulations is still palpable and breathing inside the halls of many organizations. Our usual response is we despise the generations before us. While this is understandable, we see this as a gap that needs to be filled in.

Last week, I had a profound conversation with my mom, she’s one of my leadership icons and the person whom I draw inspiration from on how I do things, why I founded PYDN, and why the organization still breathes today. She reminded me of one important lesson from her generation that is highly applicable today which is Focus. In reflection, I observed that sometimes, in our desire to do everything at once, we lose the very essence of our existence in the process. It is counterproductive, in the long run.

Heeding this advice, we want to focus on things that matter most to young people — mental health and meaningful participation in the better normal. As evidence, we are sharing with you the output from the third post-dinner chit-chat centered on ‘How COVID-19 affects the young people’s digital civic space. You may access the results here. We are also focused on supporting our local government partners in establishing support systems for young people. I will tell you more about Kaibigan Chatline next week.

The Young House Heroes Initiative is now on its fourth wave and sign-ups are increasing every week. Young people who are interested to be part of the initiative may sign-up here. We are focused on improving our volunteer management system by implementing best practices and innovation. In closing, please know that every day, you are inside our hearts and minds and we will not be distracted because focus dictates that providing you with the best platform available is our essence.

For the youth,

Alfred O. Dicto
Executive Director,
Positive Youth Development Network, Inc.

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