We need some flexibility

Dear Kapatid,

To kickstart the week, I want to share this personal story.

Last month, during the onslaught of COVID-19 in the Philippines, a young SK leader from Pangasinan told me that they wanted to use their bicycle to deliver basic health services in his community. At first, I was ambivalent because aside from it being very risky, it is unconventional, but PYDN acknowledged his ingenuity. We supported him. Just last week, teary-eyed, he reported that they were able to deliver basic services to almost two hundred households. Follow their story here.

This story reminds us of the need for some kind of flexibility. The COVID-19 crisis pushed us to step backward and rethink our old ways. It calls to exercise our imagination that is grounded on the reality of people’s lives in our communities. It commands us to navigate the unchartered waters with the hope of finding solutions. But the truth is, solutions are not treasures to be found or excavated, solutions are values found within ourselves waiting to present itself only if we do some flexibility.

The Young House Heroes Initiative is a product of flexibility. We are very thankful to our partners who assumed some level of flexibility in order for us to sustain our engagement with young people. Flexibility is also knowing that time is very important. Urgency calls us to become flexible.

Last week we received a heartwarming message from Dr. Lilia Habacon, the Executive Director of Philippine Science High School System. She sent her good wishes and prayers for the success of this initiative. Today, we are proud to report to supportive people like Maám Lilia that we have gathered the support of almost 60 volunteers and organizations from different parts of the country.

Finally, while you design and implement your programs this week, please don’t forget the story of the bisikleta. In this challenging time, we need some flexibility.

For the youth,

Alfred O. Dicto
Executive Director,
Positive Youth Development Network, Inc.

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