Today’s youth comprise 20% of the world’s population but definitely 100% of the future.

Every day young people across the globe face the adverse effects of climate change, the uncertainties of new health emergencies, and the unseen and incomprehensible threats of social media. This is on top of still unresolved issues in youth poverty, malnutrition, exploitation, and inequitable access to quality education. These compounding issues threaten the future of our youth.

If the welfare of our young people is threatened,
the future of the planet is uncertain.

Powering Positive Change


By 2040, Young People in the Philippines are healthier, have better access to opportunities (education, employment, and entrepreneurship), are highly-engaged citizens, and are better protected from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

Visualizing Positive Change


When young people participate and are civically engaged, they positively develop, build their confidence, negotiate decisions, and influence critical issues that contribute to the fulfillment of their own rights. By participating individually or collectively, they are contributing to the improvement of their school, their community, the country, and the planet.

Pushing Positive Youth Development


Worth of funds disbursed to children and youth-related innovations in 3 years

Partner organizations engaged

Youth-led social innovations supported

young people directly participated in PYDN programs, projects, or activities

Rated "Exceeded Expectations" for children and youth programs implemented

Major programs for children and adolescents implemented

Policy-related documents crafted and forwarded to relevant agencies and institutions

Outstanding SK Councils and projects awarded and recognized

Member youth organizations and SK Councils all over the country

Young people with improved capacities to lead and implement projects

Filipinos reached

A Network for Positive Youth Development

Creating Positive Change with a Heart



Showing courage by asking difficult questions and tackling difficult problems.


Channeling creativity by maximizing resources to innovate solutions and scale impact.


Extending compassion in valuing human life and dignity to advance the welfare of children and youth.


Being honest and accountable to the roles and responsibilities assigned.


Upholding the highest standards in what people do in the organization.


Seeking new ways to create impact on the space of children and youth development in the country and beyond.

Partnering for Positive Youth Development


Partners & Affiliations


Journeying Positive
Youth Development!