2023 Excellence, Impact, Scale

As we enter our fourth year of operations this 2023, we plan to build on our gains and learning in the past three years as we navigate the ever-changing and complex developmental landscape of the 21st century. For 2023, we will concentrate on the theme: Excellence X Impact X Scale.


We mean delivering quality work through personal discipline, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. Excellence means:

Individual excellence in committing to strategic personal and professional development. In a fast-changing world, the only people who will thrive are those who have mastered the art of learning, re-learning, and unlearning. People working with and for PYDN are expected to do their assignments in learning issues in-depth, deliver full and complete work, and do things with high integrity. Individual excellence also means excellence in managing time and resources to secure adequate rest and ensure personal well-being.


Organizational excellence to ensure that suitable systems and structures are in place to support the organization’s direction. This will include revisiting our operations manual and further strengthening our operations processes and procedures to ensure they are functional and resilient. Similarly, this includes supporting our Monitoring and Evaluation and Performance Appraisal Mechanism to recognize and reward good work. Organizational excellence also means having a work environment that allows optimum collaborations and cross-learning within and between teams.


 Excellence in Change-Management and Crisis Situations to ensure business continuity despite disruptions. 21st century is best defined by its volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), and for our organization to thrive, we must embrace constant change and always be ready to face crises. It is almost certain that within 2023 we will be facing many disruptions brought both by either internal or external factors and having a mindset of a creative problem solver will come in handy. In 2023, we will face adversity with creativity and ingenuity. This will be possible if we put resilient systems and have clear accountability of who will be in charge during crisis situations.



We mean providing opportunities to those at the bottom of the social pyramid. It means we prioritize those our interventions will matter the most – such as those who are marginalized, have exceptionally low access to opportunities, or have low capabilities to access opportunities because of their education, social status, or ethnicity.

For 2023, having a meaningful impact would mean delivering results to children and youth, as individuals or in groups, in a way that will positively impact their lives through opportunity building. PYDN work must GUARANTEE positive youth development and must open opportunities for bettering their education or access to employment and entrepreneurial potential. Impact also means ensuring that the organization’s initiatives are sustainable, value-adding, and complementary to the Philippine Development Plan (Ambisyon 2040) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We mean supporting social innovations that have the potential to benefit multiple communities or millions of people. While we see great interventions benefiting a community or thousands of people, the intensity is not enough to change the national narrative. Therefore, we need to explore scalable interventions both in reach (numbers) and in-depth (effectiveness). We will achieve this through actively supporting innovations for pilot and/or supporting the scale of an already tested intervention. Scale also means improving our brand positioning to maintain a good reputation and high trust among our target partners, funders, and stakeholders. With increased confidence comes support and resources to enable our work’s scalability.

Excellence X Impact X Scale acts as a multiplier effect in a way that an improvement in one will trigger growth in the other. This theme should not be treated as three individual pillars but as a whole – one always in consideration with others. This strategy must be executed in accordance with the leadership mantra of PYDN: Courage, Creativity, and Compassion (3Cs). If one visualizes, the 3Cs will encircle this strategy.

Making Impact One Community at a Time


Membership and Recognition

Quality-based recognition system for youth organizations (Sangguniang Kabataan Councils, Supreme Student Governments, etc.) and youth-serving organizations.


Center for Youth Work and Community Solutions

Training, Consulting, and Research pillar that creates a platform for knowledge and best practices sharing among organizations.


Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan Awards

The Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan Awards (PSKA) is a premier national search and seal of excellence for SK Councils and LYDOs committed to building a better Philippines through local high-impact innovations. PSKA showcases the most outstanding youth-led initiatives among SKs and LYDOs by providing a comprehensive assessment system for the realization of local youth development plans.

Young House Heroes Initiative

Peer-facilitated COVID-19 Response Program

Young Heroes Initiative

Adolescent Advocacy Arm

Kaibigan chat line

Kaibigan chat line is a social innovation that provides free, familiar and accessible mental health and psychosocial support to Filipino youth via Facebook. Kaibigan chat line allows young people in need to converse with their trained peers using an approach co-developed with young people. At the heart of the Kaibigan chat line are youth responders equipped to provide essential psychosocial support to their peers and connect them to appropriate youth-friendly services as needed.

Ideas Positive

Ideas Positive is a youth-oriented initiative focused on addressing public health challenges in specific areas in the Philippines. It provides a platform for young individuals to take an active role and come up with innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions aimed at addressing health-related issues in their communities. Youth joining in this initiative are encouraged and given the opportunity to showcase their talents, skills, and creativity to make a life and community-changing impact.

Youth Hour


We are helping to create change


Every day young people across the globe faced the adverse effects of climate change, the uncertainties of new health emergencies, and the unseen and incomprehensible threats of social media on top of still unresolved issues in youth poverty, malnutrition, exploitation, and inequitable access to quality education.