Positive Youth Development Network, Inc.’s (PYDN) Membership and Recognition System is a pioneering quality-based membership and recognition system for youth organizations and youth-serving organizations.

Through the integration of Positive Youth Development Framework to its assessment process, the M&A system aims to help organizations build.


Positive Relationships

Provide youth organizations’ meaningful networking, capacity-building and leadership opportunities through and with its nationwide network

Positive Experiences

Level-off youth organizations’ standing and qualifications through its quality standards facilitating easy partnering and key resource sharing among and between members.

Positive Environment

Through collective actions, impact youth organizations’ will be able to champion and influence local, national, and global policies towards building a society where the rights of young people are fulfilled, protected, and advanced.

We believe that the Positive Youth Development approach builds skills, assets, and competencies among member organizations. By fostering healthy relationships, strengthening the environment, and transforming systems – we are a step closer towards realizing our common aspirations of a healthier, progressive, and more inclusive Philippines.

Who can apply?

Youth and youth-serving organizations in the Philippines that exist for at least six months with at least five (5) members.

Youth-led organizations are organizations with members below 30 years old (At least 75% of all members are below 30). This includes community-based youth organizations, youth- serving organizations, Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Councils, University organizations, and school-based councils, among other sectoral organizations.

Whyshould you apply?

Membership and recognition with the Positive Youth Development Network empowers the youth to elevate and expand youth programming.


Nationwide network

● Priority access to exclusive events
● Access to best practices


Quality standards

● Free trainings and capacity building programs
● Tools organized and developed by PYDN


Credible affiliation

● Funding for projects
● Application to Small Grants

How can you apply?

Become a member and join us today! Click on “Join our network” below to check on the steps on how you can apply.