Ideas Positive
Ideas Positive is a youth-oriented initiative focused on addressing public health challenges in specific areas in the Philippines. It provides a platform for young individuals to take an active role and come up with innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions aimed at addressing health-related issues in their communities.

Ideas Positive remains dedicated to fostering a pathway toward an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society with and through the youth.
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What we do |Investing in the Youth

Engage young people to participate in taking an active role and co-create solutions to current social problems.

How we do it |The Ideas Positive Way

Host an annual innovation lab for young people with innovative ideas Challenge them to think outside the box and give them the opportunity to improve their skills and develop their confidence through capacity-building and mentorship programs. A seed money of P200,000 will be given to the top 5 teams, and have the chance to make their idea into reality.

Our Impact |The Yellow Jacket Legacy

Ideas Positive has touched the lives of 2.4 million Filipinos in 17 regions of the Philippines. Over the years, the project has empowered 438 young leaders, transformed 228 communities, and engaged 75,000 youth. Beyond numbers, the impact of Ideas Positive carries on the lives it has touched, and the legacy will continue through countless stories in every community.

Our History |Behind the Yellow Jacket

Ideas Positive can be traced back to 2010 as a youth engagement program under the Corporate Affairs of UNILAB. Through the years, it has evolved as a platform for young people to bring positive change to their respective communities. After 10 successful runs, Ideas Positive is coming back bigger, bolder, and braver and continues to engage more youth to create innovative solutions that can help build not just healthier but also resilient communities. Participants with the most innovative ideas get to wear the iconic Ideas Positive Yellow Jacket.

Embarking on its 11th edition, this initiative now expands its horizon towards Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction in response to the negative impacts of climate change. When livelihood, property, and even lives are at stake, it is only justifiable to widen the scope of focus and strengthen the efforts towards building not only a healthier but also resilient community.


  • Team of five (5) aged 18 to 30 years old with members of varied gender identities.
  • Has a positive idea that addresses critical challenges related to the Environment and DRRM
  • By joining Ideas Positive, you will be part of PYDN’s Membership and Recognition System, the Impact Circle.
  • Once your team becomes a finalist, you will be required to comply with Impact Circle’s Level 2 recognition requirements.


The Iconic IP Boot Camp

Immerse yourself in one of the largest and most impactful boot camps, where learning, inspiration, and enjoyment converge. Gain the opportunity to acquire skills, have access to support and resources to implement projects within your chosen community, and boost your confidence.

Access to Project Funding

Turn your vision into reality. Seize the opportunity and fuel your journey in transforming communities with 200,00 Php seed money to drive innovation and real-world solutions that make a difference.

Be part of the Ideas Positive Alumni Community

Join the community of yellow jacket bearers – a group of like-minded people who have been working with and through the youth for a better Philippines for all.

One-on-one Training with experts

Get to learn with experts. Engage with individuals, NGOs, NGA, and experts in the field during workshops and boot camps and have a chance to have a one-on-one session and learn from the best.

Be recognized and build connections

Learn and build connections along the process. Work with relevant individuals and institutions to implement your projects. It does not only stop there. Alumni and their projects have opportunities for different international youth engagement programs and different award-winning bodies.

Transform communities

Who wouldn’t want to see healthier and more resilient communities? Take the first step in building a community where the people are aware and ready to take action on climate change and disaster resilience.

Be part of Ideas Positive History

Push the boundaries of what is possible. Pioneer never been explored approaches and bring positive change in your community. Continue working with and through the youth as members of the Impact Circle.

Ideas Positive Activities

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